Prunts and Moulds for Glass Leaves and Flowers

Venetian flower

A reproduction flower made by a local glassblower as part of an order for replacements for damaged items that comprise a Venetian statue and floral arrangment thought to be 17th or 18th century.

blank in position

Two prunts I made used to form surface detail on various of the replacement parts.

original venetian flower

One type of flower required, this being one of the original undamaged flowers.

petal prunt

A prunt used to form the petal rib detail on the flower.

leaf press

Replacements for damaged leaves were required and the press shown was made to produce the surface detail.

warming leaf mould

Another leaf replacement project for larger leaves.

Each leaf has a surface coating of crushed glass and this is warmed to promote sticking to the main glass leaf.

pouring glass

Once the mould and crushed glass has been suitably warmed the main glass pour is done.


This is allowed to flow out.

mould and plaster former

The upper press piece, a poured leaf, and the plaster former in place on the marver.

press piece

Detail for the upper press piece used to form the upper surface detail of the leaf.

poured and pressed

A leaf after pressing.


After pressing the leaf is draped over the plaster former and the tip lifted using tweezers to form the final shape.

chandelier with new leaves

The completed chandelier with the new leaves in place.