Casting Glass Pavement Inserts

graphite mould

Two graphite moulds made for reproducing prismatic glass pavement inserts. The moulds comprise five graphite panels held together by a supporting steel frame.

graphite mould

A view of the mould recess formed by the graphite panels into which the molten glass is poured.

graphite mould

Another view showing the steel structure used to hold the graphite plates in place.

pouring the glass

Pouring the molten glass. Two moulds allowed one to be poured while the other was cooling.

the glass poured

Once poured a graphite block was used to smooth the upper surface.


Cooled to a suitable temperature, the mould can be inverted to remove the piece.

a full lehr

Once the process was worked out a steady stream of the inserts rapidly filled the lehr.

the results

A few of the completed inserts. These are inserted into a cast iron frame and set into pavements to allow daylight into below ground level spaces. Originals of this type are no longer made so these were reproduced to allow refurbishing of existing panels

The originals were light purple coloured glass and this was replicated as far as possible although settling of the colour during the day resulted in some colour variation.