Pacioffi construction


Pacioffis main tooling set made in about 6 evenings. Shown sitting on the Bridgeport milling machine table where most of the machining took place.

blank and tooling

Tooling set-up in fly press with 1.5mm stainless steel pacioffi blank shown below. The blank was laser cut by a local company as that was far easier than cutting stainless steel blanks by hand.

blank in position

The blank in position ready for forming.

first operation

Results of the first forming operation.

end tooling

Tooling to form the tubular ends.

second operation

Each end is placed in the tooling and gently squeezed then rotated. This is repeated until the end is completely formed.

end formed

The result of the second forming operation.

preparing to bend

Pacioffi blank ready for the loop to be bent. Black mark is the pacioffi centre and also just visible is the mark for the start of the bend.

bend complete

Bending complete.


The main work all done just waiting to be polished for appearances.

2 pacioffis

Fitted with graphite and cherry blades. I have yet to use the cherry ones but the graphite ones work well.

paper peg pacioffi

A new addition to the tool arsenal. Fitted with paper peg adaptors.

paper peg adaptors

The paper peg adaptors support the pegs when wet. They have adjustable protrusion if the use of shorter pegs is desired. The pegs shown are 250mm in length.

short pacioffis

The upper is the original length pacioffis, the lower the shorter variant I was asked to make. February 2014.