Miscellaneous Metal Projects

Ex navy dockyard bollards as a table base

An interesting project. Three ex British Navy dockyard bollards fastened to a central steel ball to form a table base.

The lower end of the bollards, that would insert into a socket in the dockside, has been removed to allow a leveling screw and pad to be added.

Two pairs of these now support large glass table tops.

Door knocker

A door knocker made from a replacement hip joint and an upper femur brace. This was for an orthopaedic surgeon so very appropriate.

Antique hinge

A replacement hinge made for an antique restorer. An original on the right and the new one on the left. One of the original hinges had been lost and needed to be replaced in order to complete the restoration. The construction is unusual in that each side of the hinge is one piece of steel which wraps around the pin and forms a double thickness where the screws fit.


Another hip replacement door knocker this time in titanium. These are the supplied prosthetics.

Door knocker

The completed door knocker. The post assembly and pin were machined from titanium. This was again for an orthopaedic surgeon. December 2016.